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How To Make 2015 Sooo Good


No, I’m not talking about creating the same ole New Year’s resolutions.

To make 2015 a year that you are super excited about, you need to get clear about how you want to feel.

So, how do you get clear? I personally like to choose a word of the year.

This past year, I had two words that worked well together, “Believe”
and “Receive.”

Well, that’s what went down for me in 2014. I believed way beyond my comfort zone and expanded my faith. I received more guidance, support and self-acceptance than I have ever had before.

I’m not saying it was easy. It was a year that truly tested my faith, but I chose to keep believing. And now I’m so grateful that I made it through as a stronger version of myself.

For 2015, I’m still in the process of feeling out my word of the year.

So far, my heart is really feeling “Ease” and “Grace”. Next year, I want my life to feel more effortless and powerful. I want to feel in the flow, naturally in sync with my spirit. I want to move fearlessly with Life to deeply impact on the lives I’m meant to serve.

Take your time with this process. Just imagine how you want to feel next year.

You don’t need to figure out how to make it all happen. Your job is to just decide on how you want to feel and then allow Life to work on your behalf.

You deserve to feel the way you want to feel. In this moment. Next year. Always.

Would love to know what your word of the year is! Share your inspired words in the comments below.

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