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Featured Quiet Leader: Jaleh Zandieh

I truly believe that introverts can be powerful and impactful leaders.

Their leadership style is not by force or domination. Or by being the loudest in the room.

Their presence is subtle and deep. They go beyond the surface and make a meaningful impact by creating real and intimate connections.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing some inspiring quiet leaders who are making a big impact with their voices and meaningful brands in my “Quiet Voice Big Impact” interview series.

First up is Jaleh Zandieh, the creator of Hip Hop Meditation. Through her powerful work, she helps women  move past old limiting beliefs and tune into their hearts to create success with their passion projects.

Jaleh is truly the embodiment of love and kindness. She is a brilliant example of an introvert who is sharing her voice with real courage and grace. A gentle and fierce leader.

In her interview, you’ll learn how to:

– Become your own quiet leader

– Own your natural presence as a introvert

– Express your quiet nature with confidence

Check out her full interview here:

You can connect more with Jaleh here:

Her best-selling book “Write Your Very Own Love Story: 7 Steps to Successfully Attract Your HeartMate” on Amazon:
Facebook biz page link:


>> And to help you feel confident to be more visible as an introvert, I made this special gift for you:


Would love to know what’s one take-away that you receive from Jaleh’s interview. Please share your comments below.

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