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The Gift of Being An Introvert In The World Of Beauty And Fashion

PrintI remember very clearly how I felt. It was several years ago when I had the blessed opportunity to show my Dawning Soul Poetic Apparel Collection at Houston Fashion Week. I was so grateful to be there. All the high energy, excitement and glamour. Lots of media coverage and photo ops.

But I somehow felt out of place. I was in a sea of people all wanting to be seen for who they were only on the surface.

I love meeting new people, but something was missing for me. It felt empty. I wanted to really know who these people were. I wanted to genuinely connect with people beyond the surface on a deeper level.

But that connection just wasn’t there. I quickly realized that it was all about upholding an outward image. A self-projected image in order to feel accepted and validated. It felt like showing your image was more important than creating real connection.

In an industry that is so focused on external image and validation, it sometimes feels strange to be an introvert. I’ve wondered how can I love beauty and fashion, yet not naturally want to express myself in this extroverted way?

I’ve realized that it’s a gift to be an introvert in this industry. As an introvert, you are naturally an observer of life. You take time to internally process situations. That is a blessing. In an industry that is about moving fast from one trend to the next, you won’t get caught up in this external chase for self-validation. You’ll take the time to see what feels right to you.

You are also sensitive to your own feelings and to others. You can naturally connect with other like-minded souls and create genuine relationships because you can feel their sincere energy. You have the natural ability to help others feel valued.

Yes, introverts are so needed for the beauty and fashion industry. Women need to feel encouraged about who they are on the inside, not torn down for not looking like an unrealistic ideal of beauty.

Beauty and style are meant to be inclusive, not exclusive. They are creative, self expressions meant to help celebrate who you are. They are not meant to make you feel unworthy or a way to judge yourself.

If you are an introvert and love beauty and fashion, own it. This industry needs more soulful leaders who are self-aware, sensitive and passionate about truly connecting and serving others.


If you are a fellow introvert who appreciates true beauty and fashion, please share your comments below. I’d love to know your thoughts and personal experience.

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4 Responses to The Gift of Being An Introvert In The World Of Beauty And Fashion

  1. Francesca oh! January 22, 2014 at 5:58 pm #

    Yahoo for the Beauty Introverts! Loved your post. Thank you Jennifer for validating the need of introverts in such and extroverted industry.

    • Jenn January 22, 2014 at 6:15 pm #

      So glad you enjoyed my blog post, Francesca! I’ve been feeling the need to share this message for a while. Being an introvert in this extroverted industry gives you the best of both worlds. You can appreciate the beauty of the physical things that you are drawn to and have the ability to self-reflect on what it truly means to you and to others. Introverts can find their own personal inner connection of beauty and style and use it to help others find their own healing connection of beauty within themselves. Beauty then becomes a powerful act of service to help heal others.

  2. Karen Hickman January 31, 2014 at 4:56 pm #

    WOW, you have spoken directly to me. I was I the fashion industry for 11 years with a BS in fashion merchandising. I also felt somewhat out of place because of my personality. I now have a new profession, however, I have never left my love for fashion. I have a blog and attend Houston Fashion week every year. I’m loving what you are doing, reinventing yourself.

    • Jenn February 1, 2014 at 1:11 am #

      Thanks for your support, Karen! That’s great to receive support from others who also feel this way. Even though we are drawn to beauty and fashion, doesn’t mean we have to fit into some expected mold. I truly believe things are changing now because women want to feel good about who they are and not feel judged for not “fitting in.” Beauty and fashion are meant to inspire and connect us, not make us feel less than who we truly are. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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