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Beauty and the Bottom Line

beauty-bottom-lineHere’s the scenario…

You love all things beautiful. You have a passion for beauty and fashion. You love inspiring others with your talent. And you want to make a difference.

You also have a business. Or you are planning to start your dream beauty business.

So you have beauty on one side and moolah-making on the other.

Left and right brain totally in play.

How do you balance your passion for beauty and with making purposeful profit?

First, you have to look at yourself as a leader of beauty. You are meant to lead and serve through your unique talent.

Through your ability to create beauty, you are meant to serve your ideal clients by solving their problems.

Think about who you would most like to help through your passion.

Find our what problems they are trying to solve.

Then ask yourself how your unique value and talent can support these ideal clients.

Second, you need to create a real connection with your dream clients. Whether it be in person or online, you have to be genuine with who you are and how you want to help support their needs.

Give and not get. You are human and so are your dream clients. You are building real, lasting relationships, not getting quick sales.

Bottom line, your love of beauty can support you and your business. Claim your value and charge your worth. Know that in exchange for money, you are serving others with your gift.

It’s a beautiful balance of honoring your passion and serving your dream clients with solutions they truly need.

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