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Own the R Word

own-the-r-wordResponsibility. It can seem scary. It means taking full responsibility for your life. Sometimes it’s easier to blame others for your circumstances. They make you upset. It’s their fault. It’s just easier to run and hide when you feel uncomfortable. Your comfort zone seemingly makes you feel safe. Or responsibility can feel like a burden. Another thing that you feel obligated to do.

But the truth is taking responsibility for your life means that you are accountable. And that’s a good thing. It’s an opportunity to take full ownership over your life. It’s about owning your personal power. Responsibility allows you to be fully engaged with your life. You make it happen.

Everyday, you have the chance to experience all of who you are created to be. It’s your choice. Will you own power or not? You are meant to enjoy your life and live fully. You are meant to change and grow. To take on more responsibility is Life’s way of helping you to become more.

You are meant to be here and share who you truly are. You have a responsibility to live your life fully and make your mark on the world. No one else can offer your unique gifts. Your passion is meant to inspire and serve others.

Where is Life calling you to take on more and grow? You are stronger and more capable than you think. Engage. And own the “R” word. For yourself. And for those you are meant to serve.

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