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Best VDay Gift Ever


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I want to give you something today that’s better than chocolates and flowers.

No disrespect. Those gifts are all thoughtful ways to express love and appreciation for those you care about.


But I’m getting down to the heart of it.

For you.

Because you deserve it.

You give so much to so many.

It’s time to give to yourself.




For you, I present…

The Best VDay Gift Ever.

To do this, I got the help of one of my good friend’s Maria Martinez of X. Cosmetics.  I decided to create a “True Beauty Leader” video series to connect with other soulful leaders in the beauty and fashion industry to get their advice on expressing who you truly are by honoring your own inner beauty.

This industry tends to focus on the external for self-validation and I wanted to connect with other conscious beauty leaders who also see beauty and fashion as ways to uplift and heal our spirits and not feel judged for not being enough.

We shared some beautiful moments and tips that you can use today to feel more loved now.

Because you are already loved. As you are. Now.

You are already whole. You are already complete.

And any gifts you receive today are meant to enhance who you already are and are not ways to validate your worth.

I truly hope this video serves you well today and everyday.

If it speaks to your heart, be sure and share it with all those that you love. <3

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2 Responses to Best VDay Gift Ever

  1. Carlaquarius February 16, 2014 at 7:29 pm #

    Could not be more awesome!! Way to get down to the heart of it, girls!! <3 Much love.

    • Jenn February 19, 2014 at 4:15 pm #

      Thanks for the love, Carla! So happy you enjoyed our video! 🙂

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