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Whose side are you on?

whose-sideWhen you look in the mirror, what do you really see? Do you feel good when you see yourself? Or do you not care for what you see? There are two sides to our reflection. Are you on the loving side, appreciating your real beauty or the critical side seeing what you think you’re lacking?

We sometimes are so much more critical of ourselves than of other people. If we just changed that one thing about our appearance, then we would be happy with ourselves. But then we would find another thing to feel bad about.

This week, I wanted to share an incredible beauty experiment by Dove. It really reveals the truth about our own beauty reality.

Please take a few minutes and watch this short video.

I cried when I watched it. This video really made me think about the powerful impact beauty has on our lives.

On a personal level, how you see your own beauty affects how you show up in your life. When you feel good on the inside, you radiate a glow, a beautiful undeniable presence. And this inner connection with yourself affects how you connect with other people. If you see beauty in yourself, you are able to appreciate beauty in others. You will naturally spread your good energy and it naturally comes back to you.

But if you don’t recognize your own beauty, you feel disconnected from yourself. You subconsciously create a wall, a constricting energy trying to protect yourself. You feel isolated, closed-off and ashamed.

On a professional level, how you see yourself deeply affects your business. When you recognize the beauty and value of what you do, you naturally attract opportunities to you. Your talent is one part of your success in growing your business. Another part of your beauty brand is your unique definition of beauty which helps to inspire others with your vision. Your ideal clients can appreciate what you see and see that beauty in themselves. You naturally connect people to you and build trust and loyalty because your clients will sense that you are personally invested in who they truly are as people, and not just as a sale.

Embrace what you see in the mirror. You are beautifully unique and your spirit is truly gorgeous. Be on your side. We all need your unique expression of beauty.

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