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The Tricky Thing About Self Image

the-tricky-thingBeing a fashionista sometimes gets a bad rap. People assume that if you are into fashion and beauty that you are superficial.

Not so.

I personally love fashion as an incredible art form. I believe style is your personal platform to express your unique voice.

But I admit, your maintaining your self-image can get tricky.

I used to invest so much in my personal image that I used it as my sense of self-worth. I thought that if I always looked beautiful and put-together, then I would be accepted by others.

I constantly sought out material things that spoke to me. These things helped me feel connected with my own voice. But I was afraid to go deeper within myself for fear of what I would find.

I was seeking validation outside of myself.

This used to be me. Can you relate?

  • You obsess on perfecting your image hoping it will bring you a sense of peace.
  • Focusing on your external image gives you a sense of control over your life.
  • You always compare yourself with others believing that you are not good enough.
  • You secretly feel disconnected from yourself and isolated from others because you can’t connect with your deeper self beyond your ego’s image.
  • You’re afraid to express your true self because you’re afraid of rejection.

Don’t worry, it’s all good. After much soul-searching, here are some truths that I realized that I hope will help you.

  • You, as you are now is enough.
  • Your imperfection is your real beauty. It gives you honest character.
  • Beautiful things are meant to be enjoyed, but not to replace our sense of Self.
  • Placing the things you love ahead of loving yourself is only a temporary fix. The things you love represent deeper parts of yourself that you want to express with the world. Use these things as cues to your what your soul wants to express, but don’t get attached to the things as your real identity.
  • Your beauty is rare and is meant to be expressed in what you love and what truly inspires you. Express your unique voice through your own style.

  • It is your gift to the world when you honestly express your true self. You inspire others with your genuine self-expression.

So, it’s not so tricky. Express yourself through your self-image, but always stay connected who you truly are.

Your self-image is meant to be a direct reflection of your inner beauty.

Honor who you are. You are worthy of expressing your truth. Inspire others by expressing your true self honestly through the creative expression of your personal style.

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