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You want to stay current. You want to feel connected. Sometimes we to try to feel connected by seeking things outside of ourselves. If we take care of our outer appearance, hopefully we will feel better on the inside. We follow trends and try to uphold an impeccable image to show the world that we are capable and successful modern women.

I suggest we turn that perspective from the inside out. At the core, we are unique and rare. No one in this world has the same tastes and talents. We are built with innate uniqueness. The incomparable essence of who you are is your relevancy.
You are current and fresh by just being your true self.

Honor all of your unique quirks, likes and passions. Appreciate all of you, including the light and the dark sides of yourself. The many sides of you create your wholeness and depth. Everything about you is one of a kind for a reason. Celebrate who you are. Make a statement of who you are and how you feel through your authentic style. When you honor who you are and what you love through your apprearance, you are celebrating who God made you to be.

True style is not about following trends. Trends are for inspiration, not something to chase for self-validation. When you feel inspired to wear something new and fresh, you are instinctively longing to connect deeply with your soul in order to better know yourself. You are seeking a deeper connection with something greater than yourself. You want to flow with the pulse of Life.

Your ever-evolving style is so much more than an external creative expression. Wearing what you truly love creates a direct connection with your Spirit. Be conscious of how your style evolves. The pieces that speak to your heart are also showing you what you long for in your life. For example, your inspiration to wear a bold necklace may speak to your desire for more adventure in your life.

Style is an empowering way to express who you truly are. Enjoy your creative process. Keep it fresh. Express what you love from the inside out. And what you love will reveal to you the beautiful depth your Soul.

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