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Quiet Voice. Big Breakthrough.

4-Month Program

Own the power of your quiet voice and your undeniable worth. Make your presence known. In your own quiet and unapologetic way.

We build the soulful foundation of magnetic brand so you naturally attract your dream tribe. And get paid for your worth.

I know it can get overwhelming not knowing how to start building your brand. You know you need to do something to get you and your business noticed, but you have no idea what. And you’re not crazy about posting your face all over the internet.

As an introvert, I get it.

The good news is you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. You can succeed by trusting yourself and using the social media platforms that work best for your personality.

I can help you communicate your value, feel confident online and promote yourself in a way that actually feels good.

I’ll show you how to stop looking for the solution outside of yourself and leverage what you already know about yourself and your business.

I feel you…

– You want to create a gorgeous brand that stands out and communicates your value and unique message in a fresh and soulful way. You want your brand to be a true reflection of who you are, from your personal image and style to all forms of your heart-centered marketing.

– You have a vision to make a positive impact on the beauty and fashion industry. You’re tired of all the superficial and self-critical messages in the mainstream. You want to use your brand to help women feel empowered and honor their inner beauty.

– You feel overwhelmed with the whole branding process. You’re not sure what your next steps are. You feel disconnected with your brand because you are trying to follow what you think you are supposed to do to promote yourself.

– You want to express your quiet side and your straight up fierce side. You want to play a bigger game and be more visible, but you have a deep fear of being judged, criticized and rejected.

– You’re tired of struggling, trying to figure out this whole branding process on your own. You have a big vision, but are confused not knowing how to make it all happen. You don’t want to waste any more time or money. You just need help finding your dream clients who will pay you for your worth.


Imagine if you had someone by your side, holding you up to your highest light to help you reach that Next-level, Turned-up version of yourself so you can:

– Get clear on your voice and value
– Feel confident to be more visible with your brand
– Create a brand that is a natural extension of you that clearly communicates your value to your dream clients
– Build an undeniable presence with your brand image and style
– Have step by step guidance on what to do to promote your value in a way that feels true to you so you get seriously paid what you’re worth

Quiet Voice. Big Breakthrough.
4-Month Program


Phase 1: Clarify your voice and essence of your brand
– Feel confident in being visible
– Honor you inner beauty to build your soulful brand image
– Own your value with mindset support

Phase 2: Build your soul-centered brand
– Create an action plan to communicate your value in your marketing materials
– Build your special packages

– Bi-weekly 90-min Skype calls
– Work-It Sheets
– Soulful Style Consultation to own your voice and inner beauty

* Optional: Custom design to build your brand
(logo, FB cover image, social media post templates, web site design)

Investment: $3000 deposit and $2333/month for 3 months

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Not sure if this is the right fit? Try on my 9-Month and Power Hour for size.

Kelsi Hermus

I'm currently working with Jennifer on my branding for my cosmetic line and everything looks amazing! I was looking for a company that would really listen to what I envisioned and work with me to create an even better vision. This is exactly what happened. One of the biggest reasons I chose Jennifer to create my brand was because I love her energy and professionalism. Jennifer is extremely talented in everything she does and is a perfectionist making sure everything is done to her client's satisfaction. She truly delivers exceptional design and strategic brand coaching support. I always look forward to our Skype coaching calls each week and feel empowered and refreshed afterwards. With her support, I am creating an authentic brand that communicates my passion for being a true leader of beauty, helping my clients to look and feel beautiful from the inside out. I would definitely recommend Jennifer for all your branding needs. Thank you for all you have done Jennifer, I can't wait to see the finished products for everything.


Jaleh Zandieh

Working with Jennifer was magical. Before branding to me felt cold and impersonal. I avoided it because I couldn’t lean in to the process. I didn’t have enough clients because I was afraid to reach out to people I didn’t know. I stayed in my comfort zone. I was so afraid that people wouldn’t “get” what I did.

Now, the branding process is clear, do-able, fluid and fun. I can see who I am in the mist of all of my past confusion. I now lean in to my creative branding process. I have more confidence and ease communicating my value with my own voice. I am more strategic in voicing my value in a way that feels true to me. I am excited to serve and make an impact because my brand now looks and feels like a natural extension of my heart. My brand is high touch and high impact. I have more momentum with my business. I just got 3 new clients and am effortlessly attracting more of my dream clients.

My business now feels in complete alignment with my voice and my values. Working with her allows my best work to come to the surface and a clear brand and messaging are the beautiful results.

Connecting with Jennifer has been a priceless gift. Her years of valuable experience and creative talent makes her a mine rich with insights. Her soulful vision and outlook has expanded any of my previous fears and reservations about creating my unique brand.

It’s been a true joy to learn from a master of design and beauty. She is truly the real deal and a leader that I’m grateful to create with.

I look forward to continuing to work with her and witness the amazing impact she will undoubtedly have on the lives of her many clients, students, and on the industry itself.


Esther Loke

Through my work with Jennifer, I became more confident talking about my business and my brand. I felt more connected to my brand and my clients. I dug deep into my heart and personality. I became fully invested in my work and my clients. Before working with Jennifer, I was in a mess and in overwhelm. I wasn’t sure where to start and what to do. I was just basically winging it everyday. It felt extremely tiring and stressful as I didn’t have a clear direction.

Now, my brand and my vision for my business is definitely much clearer. I even increased my income 40%! I have gained clarity and laser-focus on the important parts of my business. I have learned to stay connected to understand my clients in a deeper way. Jennifer is present, really kind and approachable, which makes the whole process really easy and delightful. And her community is supportive, warm, encouraging, inspiring and filled with kindness and love.


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